Deons Worker Bee TourLearn and observe something from the incredible bees that have been around for more than 100 million years. This show is very popular with children and adults alike. It takes about half an hour, starting with a short informative talk,followed by a tour to observe live bees active in their glass enclosed hive.

“It’s like getting right inside the remarkable world of the bee without fear of getting stung” is how best to describe it.

Spot the queen!

Spot the Queen

Experience the absolute dedication of each bee to a particular task. Marvel at the organized females at work, building the hive, entering with their load taken from plants, making honey and propolis, repairing and cleaning the home, nursing, feeding, protecting and obediently undertaking duties.

The males are ever busy having meetings, prescribing chores for the females, or mating with the queen.

Come away with a renewed respect for these little creatures who have survived the ravages of time. Learn how bees are rapidly being threatened by mankind for their very survival, and why we in turn need to conserve the bees for our own survival.

Glass Hive Tours

Entrance fees for Bee tour:

Adults: R45.00

Scholars: R35.00

Kiddies under 5 free!

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