Propolis Tincture


High quality Propolis tincture with tested & proven elevated flavonoid content.



Propolis made in the hive of the African killer bees;  dewaxed and extracted in medicinal alcohol. Contains >10% Flavonoids

Taken by mouth or applied externally.  Outstanding medicinal properties, such as disinfection, antibacterial,  anti-inflammatory,  healing, anaesthetic, anticariogenic, antifungal, antioxidant,  antiprotozoan and antiviral activities. Also called “Russian penicillin” A natural weapon  against foes and disease; perfected by the bee over a period of 100 million years. Made from plant resins, pollen,  bees wax,  bees salivary enzymes.

Rich in flavonoids, with more than 300 ingredients  so far identified.


  • improve immune system
  • gout
  • warts
  • hepatitis
  • gastric ulcers
  • atherosclerosis
  • flu-like infections
  • as a water gargle for sore throats,
  •  ulcers, mouth diseases, bad breath
  • regeneration of cartilage, bone, and dental pulp
  • limit bacterial plaque and reduce tooth cavities.

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Weight 110.00 g